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Kahawa - coffee maker

Student design, Faculty od Industrial Design,

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków 

Teachers: dr Stanisław Półtorak, dr Piotr Hojda

Coffe maker designed to take a part of your outdoor adventures! 

A lot of us enjoy simple rituals like freshly brewed coffee, even (or especially!) in a bit extreme contidions. We are taking our coffeemakers with us on hikes, camps, microadventures, but sometimes it's not as simple and easy-going as it could be. Traditional coffee makers, which are designed rather for home-context are not compact - their shapes don't fit well in our tightly packed backpacks and it's a bit hard to keep them nice and clean during the adventure. So I decided to design a bit more backpack-friendly coffe maker : ) 

nowy schemat kahawa.png

The key solution was to redesign upper module to be more user and backpack friendly. I decided to get rid of the "volcano" that occurs in traditional coffee makers - to give KAHAWA more  space inside.


Thanks to this modification and removal of holder, you can hide the lower module in the upper one, cover the whole thing with a silicone cover and have a quite neatly packed coffee maker in your backpack!

odkręcanie be ztła i tła.png

Instead of classic holder KAHAWA has some anticscalding surface.


and you can also use it as a mug! :)



foto: RawHollow

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