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BAO - chair

Student design, Faculty od Industrial Design,

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków 

Teachers: dr Stanisław Półtorak, dr Piotr Hojda

szkic bao profil.png

BAO chair was designed to suit users need of hanging things on it. There is a lot of situations when you want to keep you jacket, bag or backpack close, but there is no hanger around, all you can do is using your chair. There usually are two problems about it:

1. hanging thing is disturbing you back

2. thing is falling on the floor

The key solution is to attach backrest to the chair frame with a distance and separate two functional zones:

1. hanging zone - so you can efficiently hang 

your jacket or bag on your chair

2. resting zone - so you can sit comfortably : )

description (2).jpg
render (1).jpg


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