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I was born in Zakopane, small city in Tatra Mountains. Most of my life I have spent there – near nature and highlanders culture. That's what had the biggest impact on me as a designer and as a human. I love the way designer work challenges me to solve problems

or make our daily routine easier and more sustainable. I'm super-enthusiastic when it comes

to natural materials, traditional crafts and using its timeless values in context of modern world, people and their changing needs. In the meantime I usually travel and spend time outdoors – skiing, climbing, cycling or just doing nothing.. : ) 

Sharing my life between Zakopane, Poland

and Älmhult, Sweden. 


Since June 2020 r. Freelance Product Designer in Bardach Store
Since 2017 r. Freelance desinger on different fields of art and design
July - August 2018 r.  Graphic design internship at the Tatra Museum
2014 - 2017 Creating own clothing brand KAHA - handcrafted goods


2019 r. Viz Academy - 3D Visualizations Course
2015-2019 r. Jan Matejko's Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków,  Faculty of Industrial Design, bachelor degree
2014 r. 3 weeks exchange in Private Art&Design Highschool in Žilina, Slovakia
2009 - 2015 r. Antoni Kenar's High School of Art, Faculty of Graphic Design



2014: The "Jedlicka" carpet won the competition for the Agnella "Folk" collection.
2014: Linocut "Witkiewicz" at the exhibition "We looked towards the Tatra Mountains .." in Lovran, Croatia
2017: KAHAWA coffee maker was awarded in the See & Say portfolio review
2018: KAHAWA coffee maker at  Must See exhibition in Warsaw
2019: Gaja kitchenware in the final of the international MakeMe competition!
2019: Gaja kitchenware at Łódź Design Festival Exhibition.
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